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Teeth Whitening

An attractive smile is one of the first things to draw someone’s attention to you. With a spotless white smile, you can face the world with confidence and make a good impression on everyone you meet. Many things cause teeth to become stained or discolored, from food and drink to smoking and even simply getting older. Whitening teeth keeps you looking younger and healthier. The most effective form of whitening treatment is an in-office treatment with the extraordinary whitening system.

How does it work?

This is a fast and comfortable procedure that will take less than an hour to complete. Your dentist will carefully apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Stains and discoloration are gently broken down without damaging the structure of your teeth. You will see immediate results which are long lasting and you can enjoy your dazzling white smile immediately after treatment.After the procedure, your dentist may provide you with touch-up trays to maintain your new smile.

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