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Teeth Cleaning/ Deep cleaning

Your dentist will scale your teeth to remove dental plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) from the crown and root surfaces of your teeth and in deep cleaning they scale beneath the gumline to remove plaque and other bacterial toxins from periodontal pockets. Root planing allows your dentist to smooth the tooth root to minimize future plaque or toxins from adhering.

If you have a good oral hygiene and depths of the gum pockets are less than 3 mm, you may be ok to come in twice a year for teeth cleaning. If your oral hygiene is not very good and if the gum pockets are more than 4mm, they will suggest 3-4 monthly cleanings. At each cleaning visit, we can assess how your gums are responding to the cleanings and your oral hygiene at home by recording the depths of the gum line around the teeth and other necessary information in a periodontal chart which we can compare over the months/years. If patients’ gum health is not improving then we may make recommendations for further non-surgical or surgical gum treatment options to treat periodontal disease and any damage it may have caused.


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