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Implant Dentures/ All-on-4/All-on-x

Full mouth dental implants with fixed bridges are ideal way to replace full arch of missing teeth. But they can be expensive as they would need around minimum of 6-8 implants along with fixed porcelain bridges. An alternative less expensive option is to reduce the number of implants to 4-6 implants in the upper arch and 3-4 implants in lower arch and fabricate a fixed denture. Another alternative treatment is a “snap-on” denture which is less expensive than a fixed denture. Depending on your budget, we can provide various permanent options for missing teeth.

All-on-4®/ All-On-6®/ All-On-X

As the name suggests, All-on-4® includes placement of four dental implants in available bone while the All-On-6® Dental Implant procedure creates a permanent prosthesis by using six dental implants. The biggest distinction between these two kinds of restorations is the number of implants they use. As one size doesn’t fit all, similarly everybody’s dental needs can be different. What happens, though, when a dentist feels that fewer or more implants could give you better outcomes? Under those circumstances, All-On-X dental implants can be the option. All-On-X dental implants do not limit the number of implants that a dentist should use. Instead, the patient’s individual needs and health issues help drive the appropriate number of implants. As such, some All-On-X full mouth restorations rely upon as little as two implants while others do better with up to six implants.

After a thorough clinical and radiological assessment using advanced imaging like our cone beam CT scan machine which can measure exact bone dimensions, assess the sinuses and nerve pathways, we determine individual treatment needs and can provided you with the recommended treatment options.


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