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Dental Emergency

We are aware that dental emergencies can, unfortunately, happen at anytime. We are here to accommodate all our patients who needs emergency dental care. Dental emergencies can be anything from a dislodged tooth, painful tooth, broken tooth, filling, crown or dentures, facial or gum swelling, uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, trauma to the tooth or jaw, lost temporary crown, dental abscess etc. Please call rightaway for advice. Our staff will triage every call and determine if you need to be seen immediately or reassure, redirect or schedule you as needed.

What to do in a dental emergency?
Unlike medical emergencies, a dental emergency typically does not pose an immediate threat to the overall health of a person or their life. Even so, there is still a need to be prompt in seeking dental treatment before it gets more extensive and causes more complications to the patient’s overall health. Please go to the hospital immediately if you experience the following:
⦁ You have suffered trauma to your head, face, or neck that resulted in the loss of consciousness, memory loss, or bleeding from your ears or nose.
⦁ You have suffered from dizziness, severe head or earaches, or your teeth don’t fit together following a trauma.
⦁ You are experiencing mouth or facial swelling that extends down the neck, around the eye, or into the throat.

If a tooth gets knocked out:
Depending on if it’s the baby tooth or adult tooth that is involved, do the following:


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