Larwin Square Dentistry - Tustin, CA - Halloween Dental TipsHalloween is one of the kids’, and some adults’, favorite holiday and least of dentists’. The scary varieties of candies, from hard candy or lollipops to gummy, sticky and chewy kinds, are abundant and all over the place that it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Sugar and acid in the mouth subject the teeth to tooth decay. Our dental team at Larwin Square Dentistry would like to share few tips and tricks with parents to help their trick-or-treating children avoid any dental health crisis in the aftermath of this sugar-filled holiday.

Better Sweet for Kids

Generally, no sweets are good for teeth. It’s just that some candies are less harmful than the others. Hard or chewy, gooey and sticky candies like caramel are the most damaging because they are more difficult to break down or melt and get stuck between the teeth. There is nothing scarier than all the sugar sitting between the teeth rotting them away. Of all the sweets, dentists prefer chocolates because they quickly melt in the mouth and don’t linger around the gums and teeth.

Let the Kids Have Fun

Let your kids partake in the tradition and enjoy the Halloween fun. Keeping them away from all the sweet treats can only make them more curious and find them sneaking behind your back reaching for candies. Help them choose their treat, portion them out and hide or give away the rest away.

Set a Schedule for Having the Treats

You can make it even more fun for your kids by setting a schedule when they can have their treats. This helps them understand and appreciate the concept of having treats versus bingeing or eating sweets all day long. This will make them look forward to this time.

Don’t Go Trick or Treating with Empty Stomach

Make sure to have meals before taking your kids out  trick or treating around the neighborhood to keep them from bingeing when with bags of candies.

Take Sips of Water

Let your little ones enjoy sweet treats on Halloween, but encourage them to take sips of water in between having candies.  This helps wash some of the sugar lodged in the mouth and between the teeth. As soon as you reach home, get the kids to brush well, floss thoroughly and rinse with mouthwash.

Treat Your Kids to Pre-Halloween Dental Visit

Visiting your dentist after the Halloween is the best treat you can give your kids this Halloween! Have our Tustin dentist at Larwin Square Dentistry put some dental sealants on your children’s teeth for protection prior to the candy fest. You can also schedule a visit at our conveniently located dental office right after the Halloween for professional cleaning, or other dental services you and your kids might need such as cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, to ensure your children’s teeth are thoroughly clean and healthy.

Halloween can be fun no matter what your personal philosophy on candy eating may be, by using a few of these tips everyone can have a great time and a great smile. Protect your teeth during this frightfully sweet holiday.

Treat Your Kids to Dental Visit this Halloween!

Protect your kids’ teeth from tooth decay and let them enjoy the sweet treats this Halloween with a visit to Larwin Square Dentistry in Tustin, CA for professional dental cleaning or sealants. Call us at (714) 505-9462 or click on the button below to fill out our Appointment Request form.