Larwin Sqauare Dentistry is now using Accurate 3D ImagingLarwin Sqauare Dentistry is now using Accurate 3D Imaging

Accurate 3D Imaging for your Dental Work

New 3D scanner in our office is an incredible piece for machine that offers our patients an improved pain free experience and our dental professionals a powerful tool for providing better quality treatment.
At Larwin Square Dentistry in Tustin we now use 3D Imaging for :

• Crowns
• Nightguards
• Clear aligners
• Track changes over time

So Much Better Than MoldsDental 3d Scanner

Goodbye to molds, in the years past, this same kind of mapping of the mouth – a crucial element for most orthodontic procedures including braces. Invisalign Aligners, dentures, bridges, and even crowns could only be handled through the use for dental molds and putty.

Outcomes You Can Actually See For Yourself

In terms of patient confidence in the outcome of the orthodontic procedures, it is hard to imagine a better tool than the Digital 3D Scanner. The 3D imaging isn’t just used to help our dentists and orthodontists get back accurate, quality dentures, bridges and Invisalign braces, it also can be used to provide predictive modeling of the changes that are going to take place over the course of treatment and allow a patient to actually see the smile that they are investing in for the future.

Enhanced Efficacy Of Your Dental Procedures

All of these hi-tech processing and computing power allows for the best outcome possible when the Digital 3D Scanner is used. This makes not only treatment more effective but also future accurate adjustments.

A Faster And More Comfortable Experience For Dental Patients

Old method of measurement using molding technique is quite messy. The patient is forced to site with large rubber like material in the mouth for fifteen minutes. Many patient choke, gag and experience great discomfort. The Digital 3D Scanner technique is more comfortable since it scans the teeth, which only requires a few minutes of the patient’s time. It also allows for the possibility to show the patient a 3D-impression of their teeth on a screen, right after the impression has been made. Another positive aspect for the patient is, of course a better looking and fitting end result. Restorations created from a completely digital process are delivered faster and with a more precise fit and fewer chairside adjustments.

Realistic Teeth Photos

3D Scanner delivers clear photos that make it easy for you to see the exact condition of your mouth, teeth and jaw.

Less Chair Time

We can reduce the amount of the time you sit in our dental chairs because with 3D Scanner we get accurate measurements super fast.

Digital Archives

Long gone are the days in which we would have to search through filing cabinets for old x-ray images of your mouth and jaw. With Digital 3D Scanner we can store all of your impressions in digital archives making it easier for us to access them at every appointment.